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0001417SOGoWeb Mailpublic2011-08-16 08:342019-06-06 11:02
0001417: No filter option available to filter flagged / starred emails
Hi, as the summary mentions, there is no option in the webmail interface to filter emails that have been flagged / starred. One should maybe also think about a filter for the other columns like attachment, read/unread, priority.
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Christian Mack   
2011-08-17 04:22   
This is true for sorting and searching emails.
2016-10-13 04:42   
This is has been on the list for too long already I believe. Is there a roadmap for this? Complete filter functionality is a basic requirement, already implemented for a long time e.g. in Roundcoube.
2017-03-09 16:07   
Hi, I'm not sure if anyone took notice of my last post. Another attempt... It's such a pity that SoGo lacks these filtering features. When I talk to people about SoGo and want to recommend it to them I always come to this constraint seems to be so unnecessary. There's nothing else that that I miss that much in SoGo. Any insight in your plans for the coming releases would be highly appreciated! Thanks!
2018-05-11 06:24   
Our SOGo users are demanding more search options too.

Searching by tags, by unread or a global searching on all folders are recurrent demands made by our users.

They miss these features when they come from other webmail systems.
2018-05-11 06:35   
SOGo already supports global search in all folders.
2018-08-06 14:42   
Chiming in here; SOGo may support global search, but when I go to search my mail, I am shown the options of "subject, from, to, cc, body" -- nothing about tags. Many other mail clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Roundcube, Squirrelmail, etc. have some "filtering" in addition to search and sort. For instance, how can I see just my 'unread' email, or just my 'starred' emails, or just emails with a certain tag, or older than a certain date... other clients have one-click filters for these very common tasks.

This is based on my experience with SOGo 4.0.1. Apologies if this functionality exists and I just needed to RTFM more.
2019-03-14 12:02   
I Have SOGo 4.0.7 in a test structure and it's a NO GO for my client.
There is two lacks :
1- As this ticket is for : You can't search mail by their Tags.
2- You can't create Intelligent Folders, Folders that will sort mail by conditions : From - To - Tags etc...

Please could you integrate that in your roadmap ?