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0003348SOGo Connectorpublic2015-09-19 06:402018-03-16 15:13
[Server] LinuxUbuntu14.04 LTS
0003348: search for contact category in thunderbird address book broken
Search in Thunderbird address book via search field in the toolbar is not working for contact catergoy anymore.

Moreover after a search try in categories and switch back to search for name or mail address this does not working too.

After closing address book and reopen it search for name or mail address is working again. But as soon as I try to search for a contact category searching is broken.

sogo 2.3.2
sogo-connector 31.0.1
thunderbird 38.2.0
- open address book
- choose 'category' for search
- type in a category
- no results
A workaround is to install CategoryManager Add-on in Thunderbird.
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