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0003456: DOVECOT Master User not working with SOGo frontend
I've SME Server ( with DOVECOT backend and 2 front end: HORP/IMP and SOGO.

Have enabled everything to make master user possible, and confirmed it works as expected with HORDE/IMP. But when I try to use SOGo I receive an error telling me the user/password is wrong. It's not wrong... but user is <someone>*admin and it's admin password.
This exact combination works at HORDE/IMP.

A friend of mine tell me (becasuse I'm not a programmer) the error is because SOGO verify user using LDAP (or something like that) and do not work/will not work with Master User feature of DOVECOT.

If you need help to debug or any debug file, just ask. I'm here to help.



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Christian Mack   
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So you want an enhancment for SOGo to authenticate against IMAP/Dovecot?
2016-01-26 10:23   
(edited on: 2016-01-26 16:57)
Hum... I'm not sure if it's an enhancement... I'm just reporting a strange behaviour... maybe a bug. Not sure if it's a NFR or a BUG.
I'm sure it's a very usefull feature of dovecot allowing admin log as any user and this is not supported by SOGo.
And SOGo is the webmail I use and recomend.
Maybe it's simple to fix or a worthy new feature... but I'm just a reporter. :)

2016-02-03 16:25   
SOGo can only authenticate users defined in an authentication sources (LDAP and SQL sources are supported). We don't plan to change this.