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0004579SOGoWeb Mailpublic2018-10-23 09:122018-11-06 09:32
0004579: Can't distinguish between Domain Addresses and Personal Addresses
When composing a new email, the results shown when typing/searching for a user should somehow distinguish whether the search result hails from the Domain Address Book, or from my Personal Address Book. Or perhaps it should default to searching the Personal Address book first?
If you have a large Domain Address Book it's impossible to narrow down the user you want to send an email to
Compose a new mail. Start typing a user's name.
Results from both Domain and Personal address books are returned, with no distinction
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Christian Mack   
2018-11-02 11:29   
Do you want to be able to disable autocompletion fom global address book?
Or do you want to be able to see somehow, which address book delivers the shown address?
Or do you want to choose upfront, which address books should be searched( including your own ones)?
2018-11-05 05:34   
We'd like to see which address book delivers the shown address
2018-11-05 06:34   
Also, it would be good if addresses from personal address books were returned first, ahead of results from the global address book
2018-11-06 09:32   
Will eventually add avatars too.