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0000460SOGoBackend Mailpublic2010-02-25 21:432010-08-25 10:05
0000460: Patch for IMAP SSL support
The attached patch enables a Boolean domain preference (SOGoIMAPUseSSL) to easily toggle SSL support for IMAP servers.
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2010-02-25 22:08   
Instead of introducing an other preference, we should know what do use based on the actual value. Right now we have:

server = foobar;

But could as well support

server = imap://foobar
server = imaps://foobar

and correctly set up SSL.
2010-02-25 22:24   
Agreed. I'd like to sit down and look at implementing proper IMAP URI support.

I personally still would need a domain preference, however. I'm pulling the IMAP hostname from LDAP, and postfix would not take kindly to the inserting of imaps:// while it's trying to figure out mail relaying.
2010-02-26 17:15   
I brainstormed about this last night, and considered possibly changing this to an "encryption type" setting to allow for things like TLS connections (similar to how LDAP connections are done). After digging around, however, I've realized that the SOPE NGStreams library doesn't support TLS connections. They get around this with LDAP by using the OpenLDAP libraries to initiate TLS.

Patching SOPE for TLS is a little beyond the time commitment I'm willing to make. Though I suppose if that were to happen, TLS support could be added for SMTP as well.

This weekend I'm hoping to poke around with IMAPS URI support.

I still personally would want this Boolean preference, but I can certainly understand if it doesn't make it into the releases.
2010-02-27 02:44   
Don't confuse TLS with StartTLS. Most of current SSL clients and servers are TLS clients and servers.
2010-02-27 17:59   
Sorry about that. Was referring to StartTLS here.
2010-03-05 14:23   
I agree, there should be SSL-Support (not only StartTLS)!

stunnel doesn't do the job. It works if you don't use Sieve.
stunnel isn't able to support Sieve because Sieve doesn't support SSL (only StartTLS).

One alternative solution would be a new variable for the Sieve-Server in the GNUStep-Config. Then you could use stunnel for IMAPS with "localhost" in GNUStep-Config and the new variable with "yourserver:20000" for sieve.
2010-08-25 10:05   
Fixed in [^]