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0004775: Build packages for Debian 10 (Buster)
Dear developers,

Debian 10 has been released yesterday, although it ships SOGo-4.0.7, but it's unlikely it will receive 4.0.8 or newer releases. So maybe it's time to build SOGo nightly edition for Debian 10?
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2019-08-06 10:08   
Please note, the dependencies are not satisfied with libcurl version 3 if libcurl4 is used with other programs (php7.3-curl, clamav, percona-server, ... for example).

Libcurl 3 and 4 can not be installed at the same time.

A release with libcurl4 as dependency would be really great, I have to maintain a VM in stretch for my instance at the moment after dist-upgrading from stretch to buster :-)

Do you have any ETA to provide ?

Anyway, thank you for the work and your kind replies, guyz.
2019-08-07 09:28   
I found that sogo provided by debian depends on "libcurl3-gnutls" which can be installed with libcurl4 at the same time.

Maybe nightly edition can build with that?
2019-08-08 11:12   
Try: [^]
2019-08-08 11:31   
Works for me !

Thanks !