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0000658SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2010-06-17 04:202013-06-25 11:27
0000658: ical4 (snowleopard) invites /SOGo/dav/username instead of email address
I create an event in iCal4 and invite some people.
They do not get invites in their email.
When opening the sale event from sogo's web interface, I can see that the invetees are listed as Firstname Lastname </SOGo/dav/username> instead of an email address.
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gz tcpflow-availability.tar.gz (1,263) 2010-10-05 02:45
gz tcpflow-invite.tar.gz (3,433) 2010-10-05 02:46
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2010-07-15 12:57   
I have already seen a similar behaviour. It may or may not be considered as a bug since the URL in question does represent the user and this is how iCal identifies attendees. We might want to handle this properly in SOGo though.
2010-07-22 02:21   
I modified the apple-serviceinfo in the computer record for the calendar server (sogo) in my ldap and it seems to work now. Still testing, though, will let you know.
I modified the following in the XML:

2010-08-25 10:40   
No feedback received in weeks.
2010-10-04 07:55   
After some testing, this is the result:
The apple-serviceinfo xml must contain


for the autocompletion/availability to work.
However, when I invite someone, in sogo's web interface I see
Firstname lastname </principals/__uids__/80ade31e-e893-58ba-95f9-7fd97018c86e/>
and sogo tries to send mail to /principals/__uids__/80ade31e-e893-58ba-95f9-7fd97018c86e/.

When I change the principalPath to %(mail)s the invitees are correct (I see the email, etc) but autocompletion does not work, as well as availability. I thought it worked but it turns out it was cached. After erasing the ical cache, autocompletion does not work again.

Is there a way to work around this?
2010-10-04 15:04   
Can you sniff the traffic using tcpflow when that happens? Do multiple tests, freebusy ones, invitation ones and attach the traces individually to this ticket.

We could easily add a "hack" in SOGo.

2010-10-05 02:47   
Please find attached a couple of tcpflow sessions, the names state how they were taken.
2011-12-17 09:27   
that hack in sogo would be great.
we have the same problem. the only way to get snow-leopard to autocomplete, resolve groups into attendees and show free/busy is to emulate an opendirectory server, but then iCal sends the event to the server (and the email therefore) with the principals instead of a "mailto:" field.
there may be a workaround, to rewrite the field in the apache proxy
with this
but it's a bit dirty, and you have to take into account the line breaks in the ics file, like this
I tested it in lion, no problem there, no need to emulate opendirectory anymore because you can use the CardDAV address book instead and everything is fine. but we cannot switch to lion yet, therefore the need for this hack.

2012-11-21 16:00   
Is it still worth it to add a hack? Honestly 10.7 has been out for a long time now, and 10.8 is there too.
2013-06-25 11:27   
No feedback provided in months, closing.