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0000850SOGoWeb Address Bookpublic2010-09-21 05:542019-02-21 13:49
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0000850: Changes on card should reported on list
1) Go to address book
2) Make a diffusion list
3) Put some people in there
4) Save the list
5) Go to the individual card of someone in the list
6) Change his mail address, save
7) The address won't change from the diffusion list.
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has duplicate 0004224resolved ludovic Email addresses in mailing list do not change when the source contact is changed 
has duplicate 0004301resolved ludovic Changes in a contact member of a group are not propagated 
has duplicate 0004617resolved ludovic contacts group 
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2010-11-02 12:45   
The problem is only on web address book, on TB works
2017-07-11 05:11   
Sorry for opening a new issue 0004224, I didn't find this (so old) one.
I would want to change the severity as high... Today our users are no more using "heavy" clients ! We are at the web time !
If it did not seven years ago, this limitation is TERRIBLY problematic today.
Please, please have a look at it.