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0001029SOGo IntegratorBackend Generalpublic2014-03-03 09:18
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Summary0001029: Default Account of Thunderbird and SOGo
DescriptionSogo-integrator authentication is based on IMAP Default Account. If username is different from sogo username authentication fails without any error: icons, calendar list and others stuff don't work.
It's a strange behavoir, it's not easy to understand when fails and some users want set another account as default! When authentication fails sogo-integrator should ask username and password and user should can fill sogo credentials.

Maybe duplicate of
Additional InformationOther proposals:

* What about inserting a simple Dropdown-Box in a second tab in the SOGo-TB-Configuration-Pane, where the user can select the account he will use? IMHO the changes in the integrator-code are not so big, and its easy to use for most of the users.

* Secondary, an third tab ;-) could be inserted, where the user can put in the account data for a sogo-user not used by any account in the users thunderbird installation. I think, thats better than annoying popups.
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has duplicate 0001904 resolvedludovic [integrator password and default thunderbird account] 




2010-12-03 05:46

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it would be great, if one could configure multiple sogo accounts
and define which imap account is connected to a sogo account.

if possible, the thunderbird account setup could be extended, so the sogo-account for an imap account could be configured there. maybe with a set of checkboxes. one 'sogo enabled for this imap account' and another checkbox 'configure sogo account for this imap account'.



2012-02-01 04:23

reporter   ~0003350

This features can make easy configuration and troubleshooting!


2012-07-18 07:08

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In the meantime, in case you weren't aware, you can edit the integrator.xpi file. Edit the one installed in your Thunderbird profile extensions directory. Rename or copy the xpi to to open it.

Under chrome/content, edit sogo-config.js. Find the first function sogoUserName() and set the return value to the desired username at the end of the function:


    return 'username';



2014-03-03 09:18

reporter   ~0006601

+1 to possibility of multiple sogo account support

Maybe a new/separate feature request should be made for that, since this seems to only be about changing the Default Account?

Guess I'll go add it...

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