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0001319Funambol SOGo ConnectorWeb Calendarpublic2012-03-31 06:25
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Summary0001319: Title of Outlook-Synced private events are viewable
DescriptionMaybe similiar to 0000305:
After synchronizing private events from Outlook via funambol to SOGo, their titles are seen in WebCalender (incorrect), but not in Thunderbird (there, they appear as "(Private Event)", which is correct).

Trying to open a private event in Webcalender results in an exception (which is not false, but not very pretty)
Additional InformationFunabmol 9.0 / Linux
SOGo-Connector 1.0.9 (ok, it's beta)
SOGo 1.3.7a
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has duplicate 0001311 resolvedludovic Android sync with CLASS:CONFIDENTIAL sync as CLASS:PUBLIC 




2011-05-25 04:49

reporter   ~0002499

Last edited: 2011-05-27 13:03

Additional information: the title appears, when reading this events from a shared calendar. This calendar has standard configuration:
- public: see all
- confidention: none
- private: Date and Time visible



2011-05-25 05:02

reporter   ~0002500

Just tested with Apple iCal via CalDAV - here the private titles hidden as they should be.


2011-05-27 13:05

reporter   ~0002510

Ok - it seemed to be the funambol plugin, which makes ... empf!
Today we tried ical4ol as sync solution (runnig over CalDaV), and the same private calendar entry title now marked with (private).

So, this issue seemed to be better filed into project "Funambol SOGo Connector".


2011-12-12 20:59

reporter   ~0003151

I can confirm that issue with Outlook 2003, Funambol 8.7 and funambol-sogo-1.0.8 as suggested by the documentation of sogo 1.3.11.

This issue is quite old, and there is no replay at all. Does nobody care about the issue? oOo


2011-12-13 22:30

reporter   ~0003157

For a quick'n'dirty workaround see


2011-12-30 08:21

administrator   ~0003214

This should work as expected with the latest development version. I've attached it to this ticket.

2011-12-30 08:21


funambol-sogo-1.0.9.s4j (Attachment missing)


2012-01-27 20:41

reporter   ~0003336

Nice to know that there is a fix for this. You attached a file called "funambol-sogo-1.0.9.s4j", there is no beta, build #, or similar inside. Nevertheless, you call it "development version". So is it a stable version for productive use (and the version on the web page is outdated)? Or do you mean, it will be fixed (in productive systems) when 1.0.9 is released?


2012-03-29 17:39

reporter   ~0003673

I think I find the problem and fix it in funambol-sogo connector.
Let's see and try it.


2012-03-30 09:44

reporter   ~0003676

@luf: does the fix by ludovic not solve the problem?

@ludovic: any plans for a release of the new connector version?


2012-03-31 03:58

reporter   ~0003678

To be honest I found this bug after I make the fix. I tried SVN HEAD trunk ant it doesn't fix the problem.

I'll try the ludovic fix and report result.


2012-03-31 06:25

reporter   ~0003679

Last edited: 2012-03-31 06:25

The Ludovic fix doesn't allow me to even login :(

> officer: (ca/inverse/sogo/security/SOGoOfficer.xml)

[2012-03-31 10:47:01,062] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [1E5D9D2261089EB8E75311CE3732781D] [] [IMEI:353659011632581] [] [] User not authenticated
[2012-03-31 10:47:01,064] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [1E5D9D2261089EB8E75311CE3732781D] [] [IMEI:353659011632581] [] [] Authentication failed for device IMEI:353659011632581. Make sure that the client used correct username and password and that there is a principal associating the user to the device.
[2012-03-31 10:47:01,064] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [1E5D9D2261089EB8E75311CE3732781D] [] [IMEI:353659011632581] [] [] moving to state: STATE_PKG1_RECEIVING
[2012-03-31 10:47:01,205] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [1E5D9D2261089EB8E75311CE3732781D] [] [IMEI:353659011632581] [] [] moving to state: STATE_START
[2012-03-31 10:47:01,892] [funambol.engine.pipeline] [INFO] [1E5D9D2261089EB8E75311CE3732781D] [] [IMEI:353659011632581] [] [] Output processing stopped by[script=com/funambol/server/engine/pipeline/phones-support/bsh/NokiaS60out.bsh,header=user-agent,pattern=Nokia SyncML HTTP Client|S60 SyncML HTTP Client] (reason: NokiaS60out Synclet finished)
[2012-03-31 10:47:01,963] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [1E5D9D2261089EB8E75311CE3732781D] [] [IMEI:353659011632581] [] [] Request processed.

So it doesn't work for me.

I also decompile Ludovic's version and I don't see the change which is done on Funambol side (it - String ac = cc.getAccessClass().getPropertyValueAsString(); - returns the number as string 2 = CONFIDENTAL, 3 = PRIVATE) instead of the full string representation. So I think it still wrongly put c_classification = 0 into *_quick tables which are used in calendar preview.

I'm using Funambol server version 10.

Does the Ludovic fix work for you?

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