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0001415Funambol SOGo Connectorpublic2011-08-12 20:542012-02-08 16:53
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Product Version1.0.8 
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Summary0001415: Sync of a single event fails on android with Funambol client and throws exception
DescriptionHere's what I did:

1) I setup the ZEG 1.3.7 appliance.
2) I installed the Funambol client on my android phone.
3) I configured the Funambol client to connect to the appliance using the example user, sogo1.
4) I did a synchronize without adding any events to the calendar the client reported success.
5) I added an event in the Sogo web interface.
6) I started a sync from the Funambol client.

After adding the event to Sogo's calendar, the sync fails.
Additional InformationI see "Exception occured in getUserTimeZone() - trying to read from JSON strin
g: java.lang.NullPointerException" in ds-server.log.

The ds-server.log is attached.

I also tried creating an event on Android, and got the same exception when syncing it back to Sogo.
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Attached Fileslog file icon ds-server.log [^] (214,368 bytes) 2011-08-12 20:54

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benhsmith (reporter)
2011-08-15 15:26

I googled this issue some more and found this thread: [^]

Once I followed the suggestion and set a timezone for the user, the problem went away. This is still a bug, but since there is a workaround the severity could be reduced.
merijn1986 (reporter)
2011-10-22 17:04

I had the same issue, 4 different kind of Android HTC phones. The preferences are set to a correct time zone in the user preferences, Europe/Amsterdam. So is the SOGoTimeZone in the default preferences. When I switch the timezone to a different zone, it syncs correctly, and when I change the timezone back to the original it will still sync without any error.
pepelton (reporter)
2012-02-08 16:53

I experienced this behaviour with the newest Funambol Windows Sync Client 10.1.6 + Outlook 2010 syncing with funambol-8.5.2 + funambol-sogo-1.0.8

I had "Europe/Helsinki" set as the default timezone in GNUstepDefaults and this was visible as the timezone in the SOGO web UI Preferences for this user as well.

Still when trying to sync I received the error ds-server.log:

[sogo-event] Exception occured in getUserTimeZone() - trying to read
from JSON string: java.lang.NullPointerException

Solution for this was to set the user's Timezone to something else in
SOGo webapp Preferences ("Europe/Athens"), Save the preferences and then set the
Timezone back to Europe/Helsinki. After this syncing started working ok both ways.

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