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0001503SOGoWeb Mailpublic2016-12-15 14:39
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Product Version1.3.9 
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Summary0001503: Forwarded mail display problems, sometimes not displayed at all
DescriptionEmacs/Gnus can forward mail with the outer mail Content-Type of message/rfc822 rather than the usual multipart seen in other MUAs when forwarding-as-attachment. This causes a few rendering problems in SOGo:

  * Usually the entire email is shown, including headers, even inner attachment base64 data.
  * Usually inner attachments also show correct download links (in addition to the base64 data).

When I say _usually_, I mean when the attached mail has Content-Type of multipart/mixed.

When the attached email has Content-Type of multipart/signed, the display has the following artifacts:

  * Terse email headers are shown (which is good, but opposite of behavior explained above)
  * The first inner-part is not rendered at all.
  * None of the parts are rendered at all.
  * There is a download link that has some of the characteristics of a normal non-forwarded PGP/MIME application/pgp-signature MIME part (e.g. "Untitled-2 (203)" is the link label), however the link is a broken URL ("/SOGo/so/0" which results in a page saying "object not found: 0")
Additional InformationThis problem was initially brought to my attention when I friend of mine reported that he couldn't see any of the email content of a message I forwarded to him. He also said that the content did appear once he clicked reply.

I have tried several combinations of MUA, attachments, with or without RFC 3156, and forwarding styles, including Outlook and Thunderbird (which do not share the problems described above).
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2011-11-16 20:47

administrator   ~0003024

Please attach a few sample mails.


2011-11-16 20:47

reporter   ~0003025

Attaching a forwarded email with an image attachment.

  * Full email shown including headers and base64 data.
  * Correct download link for the image is shown.

2011-11-16 20:48


forwarded-image.mail (18,737 bytes)

2011-11-16 20:48


forwarded-pgp-mime.mail (4,185 bytes)


2011-11-16 20:50

reporter   ~0003026

Attached a forwarded email with PGP/MIME (RFC 3156)

  * Terse headers shown (good)
  * No content shown
  * Broken download link


2011-11-16 20:52

reporter   ~0003027

Wow you're quick Ludovic ;-)

BTW, one more piece of information regarding PGP/MIME.

Of course I don't expect SOGo to support PGP/MIME, but it's interesting to note that a normal non-forwarded multipart/signed message is rendered correctly. It's only the attachment stuff that seems to break (and if signed message were part of multipart-attached forwarded message, it is rendered fine too)

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