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0002320SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2013-06-17 20:18
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Product Version2.0.5 
Summary0002320: Time shifts when saving/modifying events in SOGo web interface


this is nearly the same issue as 1766 (

My timezone is Europe/Berlin, or at the moment UTC+2, as configured in GNUstep as well as the SOGo web frontend. Whenever I add a calendar entry with a specific time (e.g. 10 am), it is first displayed in UTC-2 time (e.g. 6 am) in the calendar itself. Then, when I edit the entry and save it, it is displayed in UTC time (e.g. 8 am).

I am using Ubuntu 13.04. First, I used the Ubuntu Precise inverse repository, then switched to the Debian Wheezy repository which did not help.

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2013-05-13 07:04

reporter   ~0005578

Just noticed that is the same as well!



2013-05-13 07:10

administrator   ~0005579

This is most likely caused by the fact you don't use packages that we build for your distro. It always happen.

The best thing would be for us to build packages for 13.04.



2013-05-13 07:13

reporter   ~0005580

Well, I would be glad, of course, if this could be managed! Can I assist with that?

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