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0002791SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2020-10-22 06:40
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Summary0002791: Ability to create events under a different timezone

When creating an event it could be useful to specify the time entered is for a different timezone to the user's local.

e.g. I'm in Europe/London. But I want to enter an event in another's calendar and they're saying for 2pm in Europe/Paris. Aiming to reduce errors.

Additional Information

We have a PA who maintains calendars for people who sometimes do international travel. It's often easier to enter events based on the timezone the person is currently in.

This is a feature implemented by Lightning but Lightning's support for maintaining others calendars is lacking so we can't use it.

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2020-10-22 06:40

reporter   ~0014902

That would be very useful for recurring events as daylight saving happens on different dates in the different timezones. So setting the "main" timezone for an event would be useful, as the event won't ever change time on that timezone, and the rest would adapt as needed.

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