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0003751SOGo ConnectorGUIpublic2016-06-28 11:052018-03-16 14:10
Assigned Toludovic 
Platform[Client] MicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version8
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003751: Subscription dialog not working in Thunderbird 45
DescriptionThe dialog "Subscription...", that pops up when subscribing to a new calendar or address book in Thunderbird, is not able to browse the available subscriptions.
When entering an email address the address color turns red and nothing is found to choose from.
Syncronisation of already subscribed calendars/address books works correctly.

This happens with TB 45.1.1 and TB 45.0, both tested with connector/integrator versions 31.0.2 and 31.0.3.

Browsing the available calendars works fine in the web frontend and with TB38.
The backend is sogo 2.3.11.
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Attached Files? file icon sogo.conf [^] (1,735 bytes) 2016-06-28 11:51
patch file icon sogo_connector.patch [^] (11,515 bytes) 2016-06-28 11:51 [Show Content]

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User avatar (0010444)
ludovic (administrator)
2016-06-28 11:08

Works fine for me.

Have you customized the SOGo Integrator?

If so, show your customizations and your SOGo.conf file.
florian (reporter)
2016-06-28 11:19

hi Ludovic,
thanks for the fast response.

Yes, of course I have customized the SOGo Integrator for our local installation - the customization is the same as for every version in the past 7 years - I am a long time user ;)

I will grab the necessary info and upload as soon as possible.
florian (reporter)
2016-06-28 11:54

I uploaded the sogo.conf and a patch of the changes I applied to sogo integrator 31.0.3.

I just see that I misnamed the patch file "sogo_connector.patch" but it is of course for the sogo integrator.
florian (reporter)
2017-05-10 09:34

The issue still exists with recent SOGo and Thunderbird 52.
sogo version
Thunderbird 52.1.0
sogo connector 31.0.4
sogo integrator 31.0.4
User avatar (0011928)
ludovic (administrator)
2017-06-14 08:47

Revert your patch and see if it works with vanilla extensions from us.

Also test in English.

All works here.
florian (reporter)
2017-08-11 10:09

I did some debugging on my own with TinyJS debugger Addon in sogo-connector latest version 31.0.5 and found out the problem is within
     _handleHTTPResponse: function(aChannel, aResultLength, aResult) {
in sogoWebDAV.js

in Line 290 I get a correct response text in XML format with results matching my search pattern from the sogo server:
responseText = resultConverter.convertFromByteArray(aResult, aResultLength);

but the headers["content-type"] contains "text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"
and not "text/xml" or "application/xml" as expected so the following if condition is not true

if ((flatCType.indexOf("text/xml") == 0 || flatCType.indexOf("application/xml") == 0)
&& aResultLength > 0) {

and the XML parser doesn't get executed.

Do you have an idea why the header content-type has the wrong format value?
User avatar (0012736)
ludovic (administrator)
2018-03-16 14:10

Suspending, old issue, unreproducible. Reopen if necessary.

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