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0004231SOGoWeb Mailpublic2017-07-17 08:302017-08-10 10:20
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PlatformOSOpenBSDOS Version6.1
Product Version3.2.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004231: E-mail delegation doesnt list other accounts folders
DescriptionUsing 3.2.9 (same with 3.2.10) on OpenBSD, and firefox on OpenBSD as client, when i configured user a@tld to delegate his mail account (at the account level, not a subfolder) to user b@tld, user b@tld webmail view doesnt list account a@tld folders (only shows b@tld folders, and 'only show subscribed' is unchecked), and there's an angular error in the console:

Transition Rejection($id: 0 type: 2, message: The transition has been superseded by a different transition, detail: Transition#1( ''{} -> 'mail.account.mailbox'{"accountId":"0","mailboxId":"INBOX"} ))

It seems no difference is made between accounts when listing mailboxes, and i only get mailboxes from the 'default' account for user b@tld when browsing SOGo/so/<uid>/Mail/0/view
Steps To ReproduceConfigure email delegation.
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landry (reporter)
2017-07-17 08:43

It seems the imap connection to the 'delegated' account is done, as in sogod client i see '<0x0x96dcf121a10[NGImap4Client]> TLS started successfully.' messages - so maybe that's just a webui issue.
landry (reporter)
2017-07-17 08:44

Oh and forgot to mention, using dovecot on OpenBSD, and a variety of subfolders in the Maildir space (ie some rooted under .INBOX.Foo, and others at the top like .Trash or .spam...)
landry (reporter)
2017-07-17 09:05

And as a workaround, in b@tld account i can still configure a 'remote imap' account using a@tld account credentials (and using the public ip of the host, as 'localhost' gives a warning) - that works and lists a@tld folders in the view but that's awkward.
landry (reporter)
2017-07-17 09:49

Configuring a@tld account as a remote imap account still triggers the same error message in the browser console:

Transition Rejection($id: 0 type: 2, message: The transition has been superseded by a different transition, detail: Transition#1( ''{} -> 'mail.account.mailbox'{"accountId":"0","mailboxId":"INBOX"} ))

but the folder list for both accounts is correctly displayed, and i see queries on <uid>/Mail/0/view *and* <uid>/Mail/1/view in the network console.
landry (reporter)
2017-07-18 03:19

The doc doesnt mention if something has to be done in particular on the serverside, ie for dovecot should the specific accounts be configured as shared (and/or) public via namespaces ? (ie [^] & [^])
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Christian Mack (developer)
2017-07-20 05:30

Delegation only allows you to send emails in the name of this other user.
You still have to share each folder this other user should see/use.
landry (reporter)
2017-07-25 03:35

Isnt 'sending emails in the name of other user' a feature provided by using multiple identities ?

The SOGo documentation isnt totally clear about email delegation, so when you say 'you still have to share each folder this other user should see/use' it is at the imap server level (ie dovecot shared mailboxes) or within sogo, ie user a@tld has to 'explicitely share INBOX and subfolders' with b@tld in addition to enable delegation ? An example/usecase in the doc would greatly help.
landry (reporter)
2017-08-09 11:14

Well, i tried 'sharing' INBOX in a@tld web view, giving all rights to b@tld account, but b@tld doesnt see any of the folders/subfolders from a@tld account - note that i havent configured any kind of sharing on the backend/dovecot side.

The only 'relevant' setting i see is 'DelegateFrom: "a" in the output of
sogo-tool user-preferences get settings b Mail - other than that i dont see where the ACLs are stored (not in the database?)

So, are we supposed to setup sharing in dovecot ?
landry (reporter)
2017-08-10 10:20

Ok, after fighting a bit, i can confirm it for the next one who ends up on this issue - yes, you need to configure ACL/SharedMailboxes in your IMAP server - i have it working now with dovecot, and using 'plugin { acl_defaults_from_inbox = yes }' in its config, after sharing an inbox, i see all its folder subtree in the target account. Phew, wish the doc provided that full detailed setup..

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