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0005114SOGoWeb Mailpublic2020-09-30 17:24
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Platform[Client] MicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version8
Product Version4.3.2 
Summary0005114: HTML5 Notifications enhancements


Want propose some feedback on Notifications.

  1. Option to add sound "bip\ploop\etc" notification sound is missing which is must have part for notifications.
  2. Notifications for mail delivered to subfolder is missing even "Fetch count of unseen messages for all mailboxes enabled" is enabled and SOGo know when he get new mail delivered by Sieve to some other directory then Inbox, except Spam folder of course.
  3. Design of Notifications: now Subject of email is displayed as subject of notification and Name and Second name as Body. No other info is added. I think users like look is to:
    • Subject of notification = Title of Page, eg: Inbox | SOGo Groupware. Why: I shows from where that notification was been, and many people already adjust it to Inbox SOGo CompanyName so it clearly describe the sourse.
    • Body of notification can be "{{Name <sender@email>}}: {{Subject}}"
    • Also logo can be added to left part of notification. If SVG is supported there - this will be cool, as there can be reused SOGo logo from WebServerResources/img/sogo-full.svg which as Page title some people already customized for their Company. Or it can be dedicated file =).
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2020-09-20 13:11

reporter   ~0014791

Hi, any feedback? :(



2020-09-29 13:57

administrator   ~0014868

  1. The HTML5 notifications specification doesn't allow to associated a sound to a notification. We would need to play an embedded <audio> object.
  2. Current design is not optimal for polling massive amount of mailboxes. We need to extend our backend API prior to offer such feature.
  3. We already associated a specific icon to each notification (email vs event). Can you attach a screenshot of a notification from your Windows system?


2020-09-30 17:24

reporter   ~0014877

Hi Francis,

  1. "We would need to play an embedded <audio> object." > In any case this much better then don't get any sound :)
  2. Yes, I get some info out there about plans. Thanks.
  3. Doesn't see any, yes of course I can provide screenshots.
firefox_notification.png (43,810 bytes)   
firefox_notification.png (43,810 bytes)   

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