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0005187SOGoApple iPhone OSpublic2020-10-21 02:21
Reporterjacotec Assigned To 
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PlatformiPhone, iPadOSIOSOS Version14
Product Version5.0.1 
Summary0005187: Calendar invitation does not show up in IOS calendar inbox

User A creates an event in the calendar and adds user B as an ivitee. User B has an IOS devices (iPad, iPhone) connected via Active Sync.

As soon as user A stores the new entry, user B gets the email with the .ics file as expected.

The issue is that IOS does not interprete this incoming mail as a calendar invitation. With other groupware solutions, the iDevice parses the email and automatically shows the invitation as a calendar event, the invitation is in the Inbox of the calendar app. Unfortunately this does not happen here.

Instead, the user B must open the email and tap on the .ics attachment to see the event information and to accept/decline the invitation.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Have 2 users A and B, user B with an iPad / iPhone attached via Active Sync
2) User A creates a calendar entry (i.e. in SOGo) and adds user b as an invitee
3) User B gets the eMail with the invitation (attachment as .ics file)

Expected: The calendar notification on the iPhone should pop up and the invitaiton should be in the calendar inbox

Current: Nothing happens, user B must manually open the email and tap on the .ics attachment

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2020-10-18 09:33

reporter   ~0014888

I followed the described steps and got the expected pop-up notification and the invite appeared in the calendar-app inbox.
In my case the EAS calendar is set as default calendar. Settings -> Calendar -> default Calendar



2020-10-18 10:08

reporter   ~0014889

I will retest with this config and report back. That behavior above was with a test deployment, not set as standard calendar!



2020-10-18 15:02

reporter   ~0014890

Unfortunately I see the same behavior on my production server with the calendar set as standard calendar in the iDevices. The initial invitation does not make it to the calendar inbox and does not trigger a notification on the iPhone.



2020-10-19 02:01

reporter   ~0014891

I tested with another iphone and the invitation shows in the calendar-app's inbox as expected.

This might be related to some settings on the client device:
Settings > Notifications > Mail
Settings > Notifications > Calendar



2020-10-19 07:15

reporter   ~0014892

The notification settings are all activated on our iPhones.
I did some more testing and I found that the calendar inbox is working when the invitation comes from another server. It does not work when the inviting user is on the same server.

So, I have these scenarios:

When invites, the invitation is not triggering the calendar inbox.
When invites, the invitation is also not triggering the calendar inbox.

But when invites, the calendar inbox is popping up, showing the invitation.

The fact that it works from external servers shows me that it does not seem to be on the iPhone side. But I'm puzzled that it does not work as soon as the invitation origins from the same server.

Also, the issue only affects invitation messages. When the invitation is accepted after the email was opened, any further changes or cancellations do make it to the calendar inbox.



2020-10-20 09:08

reporter   ~0014893

I tested all cases you described. In my case all invites find the way into the calendar inbox and a notification is popping up.



2020-10-20 09:32

reporter   ~0014894

This is strange. I see this issue with 4 iDevices on two different servers using SoGo with Mailcow-dockerized.

Is there a way to test this by getting some logs on my side? Who is responsible for the calendar inbox action? Is the iDevice parsing the incoming email, or is this signalled via ActiveSync?



2020-10-20 12:44

reporter   ~0014897

What you can do is to set SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES. With that parameter sogo.log will contain details about EAS communication.
Maybe you find something when you compare the log entries of your test scenarios.



2020-10-20 16:15

reporter   ~0014899

I've already compared the source of the working the invitation email from the other server to the non-working one from the same server and could not find significant differences.

Hence my question how the calendar inbox popup works - is it the email which is parsed by the iPhone, or is that a different signaling via EAS directly to the calendar? It would be essential to know this.

I already had a look to the logs (without SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES) and saw the invitation triggered an EAS push for the invitation email to my iPhone. But there was no additional action like a direct communication to the calendar itself (if there is any in this case).



2020-10-21 02:21

reporter   ~0014900

I don't know what the iPhone is doing to with the data sent by EAS, but the only communication in that case is via the EAS protocol.
SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES should show any info exchanged between Sogo and iPhone.

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