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0005192SOGoWeb Mailpublic2020-10-22 08:04
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PlatformServerOSUbuntuOS Version20.04 LTS
Product Version5.0.1 
Summary0005192: Mails in threaded view are not correctly updated in sorting when a new mail is received in the thread

When the threaded view is selected for mail and the mail is sorted by reception or by date, the thread is not displayed at the top when a new message arrived and was sorted into the thread.

Today I saw (just by checking my rspamd logs) that an email was sent to me which was quite important but which I did not see in my email view. I had threded view activates (as this is the one i use and love on my Apple devices or in Outlook).

Wondering why I did not see this email in my inbox I used the search function and found the email unread and sorted into a thread which started two weeks ago. It was all down hidden in the thread because the complete thread was not moved up in the inbox view. To find this new, unread mail I needed to scroll two weeks down.

This makes the threaded view unusable.

If a new email is received as a part of a thread, in the threaded view the wohl thread must move up and the whole thread must be sorted in the mailbox (when sort by date or received is chosen) at the position of the date/reception of the most recent email in the thread.

That's the standard behavior which also Apple Mail, Outlook and EMClient (or let's say: All major mail clients which supports a threaded view) shows.

With the current behavior you're loosing emails (I choose the word "loose" because I think nobody scrolls down the entire history every time he checks for a new email).

Steps To Reproduce
  • Have threaded email view activated in the settings of email
  • Receive a new email into a thread which is a few days old
  • The thread is not shifted upwards so that the date of the last received mail matches the sorting criteria. It stays in sorting where the first email ever in this thread was received.
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