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0005206SOGoActiveSyncpublic2020-12-18 15:48
Reporterjacotec Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformiPhoneOSIOS 14.1 
Product Version5.0.1 
Fixed in Version5.0.2 
Summary0005206: Search via Active Sync does not find text in email bodies

I've seen that the search in emails on our IOS devices is pretty useless as SOGo seems to miss finding the search query in the email bodies.

My backend is a Dovecot server with FullTextSearch realized via Solr. Works perfectly with IMAP Search, also SOGo itself returns any search results in lighning speed when I select the email body as search target in the web GUI.

When I do a test FTS for "Unitymedia", SOGo immediately returns more than a dozen of emails where this word is in the email body. Same for Outlook. Doing the same search on the iPhone, it just returns one email, and that's the one where the search term is in the subject.

Steps To Reproduce
  • iPhone/iPad connected via ActiveSync to SOGo
  • Search for a word which is present in the email bodies of a couple of mails
  • Only mails where the search word is in the subject are returned
Additional Information

This is the EAS search request from the SOGo log with ActiveSync Debug enabled:

<Search xmlns="Search:">
<Class xmlns="AirSync:">Email</Class>
<CollectionId xmlns="AirSync:">mail%2F584ed4393df2865fdf030000ea44b337</CollectionId>
<DateReceived xmlns="Email:"/>
<BodyPreference xmlns="AirSyncBase:">
<MIMESupport xmlns="AirSync:">0</MIMESupport>

After that, there is just one result returned (the one with the Word in the Subject)

<Search xmlns="Search:">
<CollectionId xmlns="AirSync:">mail%2F584ed4393df2865fdf030000ea44b337</CollectionId>
<To xmlns="Email:">"" <></To>
<DisplayTo xmlns="Email:"></DisplayTo>
<From xmlns="Email:">"Vodafone Enterprise Pulse" <></From>
<Subject xmlns="Email:">Pulse News 09/2019: Unitymedia Übernahme – Office 365 im Test – KFZ-Kooperation – Smart Lock im Feldtest</Subject>
<ThreadTopic xmlns="Email:">Unitymedia Übernahme – Office 365 im Test – KFZ-Kooperation – Smart Lock im Feldtest</ThreadTopic>
<DateReceived xmlns="Email:">2019-09-27T09:05:50.000Z</DateReceived>
<Importance xmlns="Email:">1</Importance>
<Read xmlns="Email:">1</Read>
<MessageClass xmlns="Email:">IPM.Note</MessageClass>
<ContentClass xmlns="Email:">urn:content-classes:message</ContentClass>
<InternetCPID xmlns="Email:">65001</InternetCPID>
<Body xmlns="AirSyncBase:">
<Data>Guten Tag Herr xxxx

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2020-11-30 14:03

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2020-11-30 18:11

reporter   ~0014981

Awesome!!! Thanks �
I hope it'll find its way into 5.0.2.

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