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0005219SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2020-11-17 07:21
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Product Version5.0.1 
Summary0005219: wrong description of vacation due date

When configuring Mail - Vacation the field Disable autoreply on has a small description above date select field: Last day of vacation*. But the logic behind sogo and sieve is a bit different - it's not the last day of vacation, but rather First day of work after vacation is finished. Please correct it according to that logic.

Steps To Reproduce

Open Preferences - Mail - Vacation, configure vacation and select Disable reply on today (according to the description today is the last day of vacation). Press save button. The vacation message won't be created in sieve on server. Select the date tomorrow. The vacation message will be created in sieve, but on 00:00 of tomorrow will be deleted by sogo-tool update-autoreply -p /etc/sogo/sieve.creds (but according to the hint tomorrow is the last day of vacation, so vacation should be active the whole day tomorrow).

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