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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000406837   [SOGo]
minornew2017-08-18ActiveSync Calendar Issue
  00042515   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majorassigned (ludovic)2017-08-18updated sogo, web email and calendar no longer working only imap
  0004252    [SOGo]
Backend General
minornew2017-08-18http response code 204 MUST NOT carry Content-Length header
  00042504   [SOGo]
minornew2017-08-18Blank page after login
  00029772   [SOGo]
Backend General
featureresolved (ludovic)2017-08-18Problem with editing of one occurence from repeating events
  00042302   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2017-08-18entry 'all' in task view is not persistent
  0004248    [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minornew2017-08-16SOGo can't write to LDAP
  0004206 1 [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minornew2017-08-16SOGo does not set "sn" attribute in LDAP address book
  000423713   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-08-15yearly repeating events are not shown in web calendar
  000256110   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-08-11Can not invite to an exeption only
  00042461   [SOGo]
minornew2017-08-11SOGo seems to expect row c_uid in table sogo_cache_folder_xxxx, causing ActiveSync Exception, after update from 3.2.7 -> 3.2.8
  0004245    [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minornew2017-08-11Wrong setting of autoresponder
  0004240 1 [SOGo]
minornew2017-08-11hebrew folders encoding problem
  000375162 [SOGo Connector]
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-08-11Subscription dialog not working in Thunderbird 45
  00042319   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-08-10E-mail delegation doesnt list other accounts folders
  0004247    [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
featurenew2017-08-10Add calendar option "When someone else modifies my calendar, send a mail to ..."
  00042443   [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minornew2017-08-09Saving Preferences not working
  00042411   [SOGo]
with SOGo
minornew2017-08-09Wrong caldav function in conjuction with spaces in calendar name
  00042161   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minornew2017-08-07Modification of event using admin account is impossible
  000424211 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-08-05Links with & replaced with &
  0004243 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-08-05Attachments do not fit within attachment area when there are too many of them
  00042213   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-08-02in FF, mail editor, when mail gets larger than editor window, mail jumps on nearly every character
  00028367   [SOGo Connector]
with external server
majorassigned (ludovic)2017-08-0124.0.5 doesn’t sync at all, 24.0.4 works fine
  0004228    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2017-07-31Moving calendar entries with read only rights
  0004239    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (francis)2017-07-31Scroll bar missing for mail body (HTML mail only)
  00005044   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
featurenew2017-07-29Option to create recurrent event for birthday
  00042381   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-07-27Expunge deleted mails from IMAP server
  00026401   [SOGo]
with SOGo
featurenew2017-07-27SOGo should be able to log to syslog
  000423611 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2017-07-25Incorrect timezones parsing
  0004192121 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-07-21LDAP SoGo Multi Domain
  0004234 1 [SOGo]
minorresolved (francis)2017-07-19Cannot view mail messages with the euskara/basque translation
  0002427    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-07-19Problem with recurrent event and delegation
  0003911    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-07-19One time modification of a recurring event invited resource, replicate to all occurences
  0004235    [SOGo]
Backend Address Book
minornew2017-07-19no trailing newlines after END:VCARD
  00008502   [SOGo]
Web Address Book
minornew2017-07-18Changes on card should reported on list
  00041009   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-07-18Email reminders sent 6 times
  0004233    [SOGo]
minornew2017-07-18ModulesContraints works for Mail and Calendar but not for Contacts.
  000422941 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2017-07-17Checkboxes for deleting and adding objects are set automatically
  000421012   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-07-16WEb mail not displaying when INBOX has many messages ( 15000)
  0004225    [SOGo Connector]
minornew2017-07-13Moving a contact between addressbooks deletes an other contact
  00028135   [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-07-13Persistent database connection problem
  00042271   [SOGo Connector]
Backend Address Book
tweaknew2017-07-12Contacts with impossible birth age are not uploaded from Thunderbird to Nextcloud without clear message
  0004224    [SOGo]
Web Address Book
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-07-11Email addresses in mailing list do not change when the source contact is changed
  000405421 [SOGo Connector]
with external server
blocknew2017-07-11CardDavs are syncronized partially only (Nextcloud Server 11.0.1)
  00028026   [SOGo Connector]
Backend Address Book
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-07-11Duplicating Address Book Entry doesn't work
  0004226    [SOGo Connector]
Backend Address Book
minornew2017-07-11SOGo Connector: Cannot delete contact in local Thunderbird Address Book
  0003556    [SOGo]
Web Mail
featureresolved (francis)2017-07-10New message - Paste recipient list
  00042155   [SOGo]
Packaging (Debian)
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-07-10Debian 9: Cannot install sogo-activesync due to package dependence issue
  000420821 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-07-10recipient address is not displayed correctly
  00042179   [SOGo]
minornew2017-07-10EAS - Android contact sync
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