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  0004514    [SOGo]
Web General
featurenew2018-07-15it would be great to have a "message of the day feature"
  0004351102 [SOGo]
majorfeedback (ludovic)2018-07-15Calendar Alarms / Reminders gets not synced from Desktop to Mobile Activesync Clients
  00044013   [SOGo Connector]
with external server
majornew2018-07-14Moving a contact deletes other contacts
  0004513 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2018-07-13HTML body contents are not displayed in some messages
  0004512 1 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majornew2018-07-13Calendar daily view doesn't show one day from a repetitive event
  000451172 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-07-13Travel time not showing up
  00042251   [SOGo Connector]
minornew2018-07-13Moving a contact between addressbooks deletes an other contact
  00045051   [SOGo Connector]
majornew2018-07-13Address book entries deleted upon drag-and-drop
  000447431 [SOGo Integrator]
Backend General
minornew2018-07-13sogo-integrator not working on Thunderbird 60 BETA
  000435221 [SOGo]
featurenew2018-07-13Web-Calendars cannot be seen via EAS
  00017102   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2018-07-12Mails cannot be sorted by Read/Unread or Proritity
  0004510    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-07-12Create events in Web Calendar
  0004509    [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-07-12Webmail search text box: issue with new default URL (related to issue 0004508)
  0004508    [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2018-07-11Webmail search text box: weird issue with default URL "unsafe:javascript:void(0)"
  000447142 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2018-07-11Body contents are not displayed in some messages
  00045004   [SOGo]
minorfeedback (francis)2018-07-11SOGo v4 Themes: not all colors applied
  000447541 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2018-07-10Text disappears where focus is remove
  00024881   [SOGo]
with SOGo
featurenew2018-07-10ability to pass to sogod the config file
  00044791   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2018-07-10Missing feature: move folder option
  00045022   [SOGo]
Web General
minornew2018-07-10Calendar and addressbook export
  0004507    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2018-07-10all emails disapparead (cyrus folder renamed with a DOT appended)
  0004495    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (francis)2018-07-09When replying, the correct sender alias is not chosen automatically
  00042703   [SOGo]
minornew2018-07-09Mails stay forever in outbox of Outlook 2016
  0004506    [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
featurenew2018-07-09Customizable default values for FolderShowTasks and FolderShowAlarms
  00045012   [SOGo]
Web Preferences
majorresolved (francis)2018-07-06Regression with [^]
  000355142 [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorresolved (francis)2018-07-06Changing Sender Mail Address in Web Preferences Is Never Applied
  00044991   [SOGo]
Web Preferences
majoracknowledged (francis)2018-07-06Vacation option does not respond to every E-Mail, although the checkbox is ticked
  0004503    [SOGo]
Web Mail
trivialnew2018-07-04SOGo webmail attachment decoding error
  0004498    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-06-29Calendar events list view: events cannot be selected in order to delete them
  0004497    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majornew2018-06-29A repetitive event cannot be displayed or modified in some cases
  00044964   [SOGo]
with SOGo
minorassigned (francis)2018-06-29Cannot edit commonjs - Tried changing the backgorund color pallete but did not work
  0004414121 [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorassigned (ludovic)2018-06-28Language preferences overridden by selected language in login page
  000429393 [SOGo]
majorassigned (ludovic)2018-06-28Outlook 2016 dual email addresses email
  00043391   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2018-06-28Deleted repeated events reapears with same configuration after adding more repeated days
  0004494    [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-06-28Wrong E-Mail signature with Delegation feature
  000449211 [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (francis)2018-06-27Some html messages: part of their body is not displayed
  0004493    [SOGo]
featurenew2018-06-27Feature request: archive button?
  000076819   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2018-06-22Add multiple Identity to Imap Account
  000449112 [SOGo]
Backend General
crashnew2018-06-20sogod kills all children and busy loops
  000390072 [SOGo]
Web Mail
crashresolved (francis)2018-06-20freeze after click send msg
  0004490    [SOGo]
minornew2018-06-20Days parameter of vacation option is added to the resulting sieve rule although "always respond" is enabled
  0004489    [SOGo]
Web Preferences
majornew2018-06-20A filter with reject action doesnt' work if it contains other delivery message actions
  00044881   [SOGo]
with SOGo
majornew2018-06-19TB fails to update an existing contact via CardDAV
  0004487    [SOGo]
Web Preferences
featurenew2018-06-15A new feature: Choose the order of address books to search when editing new email
  0004486    [SOGo]
Web Preferences
majornew2018-06-15Can't save preferences if vacation enable/disable date in the past
  0004478    [SOGo]
Web Mail
featureresolved (francis)2018-06-14Global search for webmail in SOGo 4.x.x
  0004485    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
crashnew2018-06-13crash when enable SOGoEnablePublicAccess
  00041401   [SOGo]
Web General
featurenew2018-06-13Changing password should require the old password.
  0004484    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2018-06-11Return receipt notification cannot be sent by SOGo if a received message asks for it
  0004482    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2018-06-10Can NOT RECEIVE mails
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