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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004650 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2019-01-17Show folder submenu on hover
  00034781   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2019-01-17Sorting mail by thread
  00033821   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2019-01-17Support HTML5 desktop notifications
  00046494   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majornew2019-01-17Declined events from a series do not get deleted from the series
  0004648    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
featurenew2019-01-17Force Email-Notifications
  000454121 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorfeedback (francis)2019-01-17collapsing/expanding mail accounts sometimes results in only displaying 3 folders
  0004647 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2019-01-17Print is empty when trying to print an E-Mail
  0004646    [SOGo]
Packaging (RedHat)
minornew2019-01-17Buld error from src.rpm
  0004645 1 [SOGo]
minornew2019-01-17Empty INBOX / E-mail list and IMAP parser issue - NGImap4ParserException
  0004644 1 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2019-01-16SOGoDefaultCalendar = "selected" is not implemented
  00027227   [SOGo]
Web General
featurenew2019-01-16Feature request: add two factor authentication
  00044684   [SOGo]
minornew2019-01-16CAS Authentication - CAS Session expiration handling with SOGo V3 - CORS
  00045392   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2019-01-15'Show time as free' time conflict warning
  00046411   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
majornew2019-01-15Error during sync between Outlook 2016/CalDavSynchronizer 3.40 and SOGo 4.05
  0004643    [SOGo]
Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)
minornew2019-01-15Attendance status changes when organizer drops an event from a series
  0004642 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2019-01-14no show list of recipients (BCC)
  00046323   [SOGo]
majornew2019-01-13ActiveSync Contact Synching Issues
  00046251   [SOGo]
Backend Mail
majornew2019-01-12SSL error when opening mail interface
  0004640 1 [SOGo]
Web Address Book
minorresolved (francis)2019-01-11Link of new created address book is "Not found"
  000459922 [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurefeedback (francis)2019-01-11Show time in messages from date "yesterday" till 6 days ago
  0004610 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew (francis)2019-01-11add a contact to addressbook from email view or email compose
  00030021   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew (francis)2019-01-11Add email address to existing contact
  00011873   [SOGo]
Web Address Book
minornew2019-01-11NFR: upload photo from the web interface
  00045764   [SOGo Connector]
with external server
majornew2019-01-11Contact synchronisation ignores those with a photo
  00046371   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2019-01-11Send email with a alternative mail address
  00046381   [SOGo]
minorresolved (francis)2019-01-10Link to DAVdroid is wrong on Download/Frontend website
  00046361   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2019-01-09"Error while uploading the file \"%{0}\":"
  0004634 1 [SOGo]
with SOGo
minornew2019-01-09SOGo does not correctly import S/MIME certificates
  000463031 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2019-01-08External mail-notification when I modify my calendar
  000373131 [SOGo]
Web Mail
blockresolved (francis)2019-01-08printing long mail firefox
  0004633 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2019-01-08error when click at other users or use advanced search
  000428917   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
blocknew2019-01-08Freebusy lookup fails with proxy error for certain users but not for others
  00042941   [SOGo]
minornew2019-01-08Invalid read and delivery confirmation
  0004631    [SOGo]
majornew2019-01-07sogo-tool backup Uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException
  00036853   [SOGo]
Backend General
featurenew2019-01-04Feature request: support place holder in LDAP base dn, bind dn
  0004629 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2019-01-03cannot access advanced search from additional imap mail account
  00044438   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2019-01-03Event shown in Webcalender that does not exist
  000462721 [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2019-01-03Search by: user defined label, by a specific date and between dates
  000462431 [SOGo]
minornew (ludovic)2018-12-20TimeZone changing from SOGo to MS Outlook Activesync
  000461422 [SOGo]
featurenew (ludovic)2018-12-20ActiveSync dispatcher Settings -> UserInformation -> Get response unimplemented
  0004626 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2018-12-20SOGo server accepts changed From address in send post action
  00045781   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majorresolved (francis)2018-12-20Freebusy not shown in SOGo Web
  00046185   [SOGo]
crashassigned (ludovic)2018-12-19Active Sync is not working
  0003768    [SOGo]
Web General
featureresolved (francis)2018-12-17Calendar Print button missing.
  0004623 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-12-13Iphone/Ipad with horizontal display: action icons aren't displayed for selected messages
  000455431 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2018-12-12Month view does not show all days of month
  000462211 [SOGo Integrator]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-12-11Calendar properties do not save, widnows does not close
  00046047   [SOGo]
minornew2018-12-08Outlook 16: Sending with alternative identity does not work
  0004621    [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-12-07Image signature in forward messages.
  0004620    [SOGo Integrator]
Backend General
majornew2018-12-07Update from TB 52.9.1/Integrator-31.0.5 to TB 60.3.2/Integrator-60.0.0 not working
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