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  0003988161 [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minornew (ludovic)2017-06-24Subscription to calendars deleted when database is unreachable
  00007991   [SOGo]
Web Address Book
minorassigned (francis)2017-06-22List, preview pane, and edit window can disagree on primary/alternate Email address (swapped)
  000420411 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2017-06-22sogo doesn't expand LDAP groups when added as attendee
  000371282 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2017-06-22Calendar week view doesn't wrap long event descriptions and some days are not displayed.
  0004206 1 [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minornew2017-06-22SOGo does not set "sn" attribute in LDAP address book
  0004205    [SOGo Integrator]
Backend Address Book
blocknew2017-06-21Problem with autocomplete directory in Mozilla Thunderbird
  00042023   [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2017-06-21client Web session refreshes every 5 min
  0003793131 [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorresolved (francis)2017-06-20Unable to save a vacation auto reply when the "Auto Reply Subject" option is used
  00041872   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minornew2017-06-20SubscribedFolders overritten
  000420121 [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2017-06-19Mail with Content-Type multipart/signed (RFC 1847) is not displayed
  0004203 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-06-19Can not create folder
  00041925   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majorfeedback (ludovic)2017-06-19LDAP SoGo Multi Domain
  00030861   [SOGo Connector]
with external server
majorassigned (ludovic)2017-06-19Data Loss on Sync
  00005043   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
featurenew2017-06-19Option to create recurrent event for birthday
  00041901   [SOGo]
Backend General
minornew2017-06-19entry '{DAV:}XXX' already exists in DAV permissions table
  00041655   [SOGo Connector]
with SOGo
minorfeedback (ludovic)2017-06-19can't moved or copied adresses in Thunderbird
  0004200 1 [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorresolved (francis)2017-06-18Can't create a specific filter in Webinterface
  000302411   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-06-18Web Calendar shows events time-shifted
  000393322   [SOGo]
Web General
minornew2017-06-16SAML authentication does not work with XHR requests
  00040211   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-16Event description after breaks is not displayed
  00041972   [SOGo]
Backend Address Book
minornew2017-06-16File extension not accepted
  00041985   [SOGo]
Backend Mail
minornew2017-06-16send limit prevents sending of emails with attachment
  00039671   [SOGo]
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-16sogo-tool manage-eas
  00041193   [SOGo]
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-16Inbox will Repopulate Randomly. Users have to wait hours before Inbox is fully back in sync.
  000414210   [SOGo]
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-06-16ActiveSync stops syncing
  000406821   [SOGo]
minornew2017-06-16ActiveSync Calendar Issue
  00025617   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majorfeedback (ludovic)2017-06-16Can not invite to an exeption only
  00041993   [SOGo]
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-16BCC still visible on SOGo / CCI encore visible sur SOGo
  00038091   [SOGo Integrator]
Backend Calendar
minornew2017-06-16Unable to unsubscribe Calendar
  00033255   [SOGo Integrator]
Backend Calendar
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-16error in Integrator: aclEntry is null
  000415995 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
featurenew2017-06-16Feature for auto-accept
  00041644   [SOGo]
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-15Tasks shown from subscribed calendars
  00037621   [SOGo Integrator]
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-14Integrator 31.0.3 prevents automatic TB restart after update server add-on installs
  0001874 1 [SOGo Connector]
with external server
minornew2017-06-14CardDAV fails when collection is returned on PROPFIND
  00016601   [SOGo Connector]
with external server
minornew2017-06-14VCARD not written correctly
  000375152 [SOGo Connector]
minorassigned (ludovic)2017-06-14Subscription dialog not working in Thunderbird 45
  00041761   [SOGo Connector]
with SOGo
minornew2017-06-14Contacts don't upload, giving http 404 and 412 errors
  00041821   [SOGo Connector]
with SOGo
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-14Migration code (from category property to categories property) deletes user data
  00027225   [SOGo]
Web General
featurenew2017-06-13Feature request: add two factor authentication
  00041913   [SOGo]
Web General
featurenew2017-06-12Is there any way to do autologin?
  00041705   [SOGo]
minornew (francis)2017-06-10Don't print debug info while running sogo-tool without '--verbose' option
  00041009   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-09Email reminders sent 6 times
  0004184    [SOGo]
Backend General
featurenew2017-06-09Posibility to split config files into several sub files
  00041851   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-09(Enhancement) Create calendars for groups
  0003934    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (ludovic)2017-06-06Event reminders are not created while accepting appointment by web mail
  0004186    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
featurenew2017-06-06repeating events with freely selectable repeating days
  00039282   [SOGo]
minornew2017-06-02Outlook cannot move multiple emails to a folder.
  00041781   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2017-06-02can't add more than a group address to the recipient
  000416911 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2017-05-31Default language set but not accepted and webpage doesn't pre-select default language
  00040082   [SOGo]
minornew2017-05-31Can't scroll in the window where mail content is displayed on Firefox
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