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  000453862 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
majornew2018-09-20free-busy doesn't show busy intervals
  00045481   [SOGo]
Web Preferences
crashnew2018-09-20Can't open the preferences section of the web interface
  00045171   [SOGo]
Apple iPhone OS
minorfeedback (francis)2018-09-20Reply to the message in browsers
  00042531   [SOGo Connector]
majorresolved (ludovic)2018-09-19Drag and drop multiple contacts results in duplicates
  00045052   [SOGo Connector]
majorresolved (ludovic)2018-09-19Address book entries deleted upon drag-and-drop
  00042252   [SOGo Connector]
minorresolved (ludovic)2018-09-19Moving a contact between addressbooks deletes an other contact
  00045492   [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (francis)2018-09-19Writting a new message using inside current window displays body content of previous sent message
  000450210   [SOGo]
Web General
minornew2018-09-18Calendar and addressbook export
  00044772   [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew2018-09-18After deleting a message the next one gets in focus and it's marked as read too
  00045461   [SOGo]
minornew2018-09-17Unable to Log In After Upgrade
  0004547 1 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-09-17Context Menu on Personal Calendar is not fully visible
  00045431   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
majorresolved (francis)2018-09-14Cannot create event with Mysql backend
  00045425   [SOGo]
majorresolved (francis)2018-09-14Unable to Log In After Upgrade
  00045452   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
majorresolved (francis)2018-09-14unable to create an event after upgrade 3.2.10 to 4.0.2
  00045442   [SOGo]
Backend Address Book
majorresolved (francis)2018-09-14enable to create new contacts list after upgrading from 3.2.10 to 4.0.2
  0004539    [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2018-09-13'Show time as free' time conflict warning
  0004541 1 [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-09-13collapsing/expanding mail accounts sometimes results in only displaying 3 folders
  0004540    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
featurenew2018-09-13Select a day in month view
  00045005   [SOGo]
minorfeedback (francis)2018-09-13SOGo v4 Themes: not all colors applied
  00045186   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2018-09-12Email content not displayed in Firefox
  0004537 1 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
featurenew2018-09-10Event view ugly if too many events within one hour
  00040893   [SOGo]
Web Address Book
featurenew2018-09-09External CardDav
  0004534    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2018-09-06Calendar Color
  0004533    [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2018-09-03Double click folder rename problem
  0004531    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
featureresolved (francis)2018-08-31Add button for completing selected tasks
  000447461 [SOGo Integrator]
Backend General
minorresolved (ludovic)2018-08-31sogo-integrator not working on Thunderbird 60 BETA
  00045225   [SOGo Connector]
blockresolved (ludovic)2018-08-31Sogo Connector not compatible with Thunderbird 60
  0004532    [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorresolved (francis)2018-08-30account name field in 'new mail account' pop-up window is not required
  0003757    [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-08-29SOGo in Timezone CEST with daylight savings does change the time of a calender entry 2 hors back every time you edit the entry
  00045302   [SOGo]
minornew2018-08-29"Save Sent Item To" not recognized by ActiveSync
  0004529 1 [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-08-27Columns in multicolumn view are not correct aligned
  00045101   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minornew2018-08-24Create events in Web Calendar
  00045272   [SOGo]
Web Calendar
minorresolved (francis)2018-08-22Can't save a task in SOGo webinterface calendar without from/due date
  00045281   [SOGo]
Web Preferences
minorresolved (francis)2018-08-21SOGo Save Button Glitch Inside Mail Settings Section
  0004525    [SOGo]
Web Mail
majornew (francis)2018-08-21Several SOGo Vulnerabilities Raised in our VA
  00045261   [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (francis)2018-08-21new email window is closing
  00017102   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2018-08-20Mails cannot be sorted by Read/Unread or Proritity
  00045213   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-08-17Recipient Addresses Disappear
  00044951   [SOGo]
Web Mail
majorresolved (francis)2018-08-15When replying, the correct sender alias is not chosen automatically
  0004524    [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-08-14Mailbox empty ... Display for new mail counts on diligently
  00036363   [SOGo]
Backend Mail
featurenew2018-08-13SOGo Sieve architecture weird
  000428914   [SOGo]
Backend Calendar
blocknew2018-08-10Freebusy lookup fails with proxy error for certain users but not for others
  00014176   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featurenew2018-08-06No filter option available to filter flagged / starred emails
  0004520    [SOGo]
Backend Address Book
minornew2018-08-05Unable to add new Contact to PGSQL-Backend.
  00045085   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minorresolved (francis)2018-08-01Webmail search text box: weird issue with default URL "unsafe:javascript:void(0)"
  000443311 [SOGo]
Backend Mail
minorresolved (ludovic)2018-08-01S/MIME emails are rendered blank when using GnuTLS
  00044521   [SOGo]
Web Mail
minornew2018-07-30Message headers don't fully fit in viewport and have no scrollbar
  00044791   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featureresolved (francis)2018-07-27Missing feature: move folder option
  000351111 [SOGo]
minorresolved (francis)2018-07-27Missing feature on the SOGo WebGUI: move folders
  00006442   [SOGo]
Web Mail
featureresolved (francis)2018-07-27Move folders
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