How do I compile SOGo?

First, install GNUstep. There are many distributions out there providing packages for it. You must at least install GNUstep make version 2 and GNUstep base together with its development headers.

You also need to have installed:

  • the GNU Objective-C compiler (gcc-objc)
  • the libxml2 development headers
  • the OpenSSL development headers
  • the OpenLDAP development headers
  • the PostgreSQL development headers
  • the libmemcached development headers
  • the libcurl development headers

Grab the source code of SOGo and the source code of SOPE.

From now, we'll assume that you've placed the SOPE sources in /tmp/SOPE and the SOGo sources in /tmp/SOGo.

First, let's compile and install SOPE:

cd /tmp/SOPE
./configure --with-gnustep --enable-debug --disable-strip
make install

Then, let's compile SOGo:

cd /tmp/SOGo
./configure --enable-debug --disable-strip
make install

Once SOGo is compiled and installed, you can have a look at the SOGo Intallation and Configuration guide for the remaining configuration instructions.

August 17 2012 00:00