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0001148SOGo Integratorpublic2011-02-23 11:52
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Product Version3.104 
Summary0001148: Thunderbird losts key press entering email address

Myself and several other users of Thunderbird v 3.1 (Connector / Integrator 3.104 & Lightning 1.b2.104i) are reporting problems when entering in an email address when composing a new mail.

If the email is not already stored in our address book, and we're composing a new email to a new recipient, every other key press fails to produce a letter. So if I type, "" I will have to type "f" then "o" twice for the o to show up and then for every subsequent letter it is like that. Thunderbird lose letters.

More quick composing and more press fails.

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2011-02-23 01:47

reporter   ~0002148

I think this happens when TB does search for
auto completing the email address via the configured ldap

If they don't answer fast enough, then we see "lost"
characters in the email addresses we enter.



2011-02-23 04:20

reporter   ~0002149

"I think this happens when TB does search for
auto completing the email address via the configured ldap
If it's true, i should stop this problem disabling "Remote Address Book" from composing preferences.



2011-02-23 08:45

reporter   ~0002150

Yes, our users using TB3.1 have the same problem.
Some of them downgraded back to TB2, where this trouble doesn't exist.
Disabling of "Remote Address Book" is not the right way because users lost advantage of LDAP Address Book.



2011-02-23 09:10

reporter   ~0002151

@wimmer: But does disabling the remote address book "solve" the problem ?

If yes, then we are sure that this is causing the problem.
If no, then something else might cause these lost key strokes.



2011-02-23 09:27

reporter   ~0002152

I'm not sure what causes this problem.

  • TH2 + extensions + "Remote Address Book" => works nice
  • TH3 + using of remote ldap server => works nice
  • TH3 + extensions + "Remote Address Book" => works bad

When I disable "Remote Address Book" from TH3 + extensions, TH3 uses it all the time. I think Integrator overrides that disabling.



2011-02-23 11:51

viewer   ~0002153

The bug is actually in Thundebird:

It's probably going to be solved around august 2038.

What we do to work around the issue is raise the search timeout like this:

pref("sogo-connector.autoComplete.delay", 1300);



2011-02-23 11:52

viewer   ~0002154

Closed as the bug really is in Thunderbird. See references and work-around above.

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