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0001154SOGoWeb Generalpublic2015-10-23 15:42
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Summary0001154: Opera browser can't submit bug report
DescriptionWhen I compose a bug report using the Opera browser and hit Submit, the outcome page reports "Security token invalid, did you hit Submit twice?" (This from memory, might not be exact wording.) I tried twice, and it did the same thing both times. It works fine with Firefox. When using SOGo, so far I haven't spotted any Javascript screwups in Opera, indicating that its Javascript engine is not totally lameass.
Additional InformationIn my own pages I avoid Javascript because different browsers give inconsisent results, and I have ADA compliance issues which are hard to satisfy if Javascript plays an essential role on the page. (Few if any text-only browsers can even recognize Javascript.) When I've needed a session token I set it as the value of a hidden field in the form. This is troglodyte behavior, opposite the line of development of Web 2.0. I'll give you a tour of my cave if you want :-)
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2015-10-23 15:42

administrator   ~0009050

Most likely not relevant anymore.

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