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0002299SOGo Connectorwith external serverpublic2018-03-16 15:34
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Summary0002299: Unable to Synch Contacts with iCloud in TB
DescriptionI downloaded and added the SOGo Connector Thunderbird extension version 17.0.5 into Thunderbird version 17.0.5 and attempted to add a remote address book using the URL of:

with XXXXXXXXX being my specific number. After pressing OK nothing happened. I attempted to right click on Synchronize but it is grayed out.

To get my specific number I used a tool found at:
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2013-04-21 12:55

reporter   ~0005538

I tried adding a Gmail address book and I got the same behavior as with my iCloud account. The URL I tried for the Gmail account is:


2013-05-13 13:16

reporter   ~0005588

If you look at the java tool, the server is But even with this link, it still gets the error message:

RESPONSE (Mon May 13 2013 13:02:33 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time), 142ms)
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 17:02:33 GMT
X-Apple-Request-UUID: 696bb563-f5dd-43de-998c-2dc09ab23f17
X-Responding-Instance: carddav:10100901:st11p01me-carddav009:8001:1P44:77511

I don't know hwo to provide username/password


2013-11-11 08:48

reporter   ~0006209


The problem is still here with:
- TB 24.1
- SOGo Connectror 24.0.0

I've tried with the following urls without success:

My credentials are never asked and on right click Synchronize is Grayed out.

BTW peshko how do you get the network trace ?


2014-05-28 07:37

reporter   ~0007136


same Problem with

Errorlog in Thunderbird tells: : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555

If you read and, it becomes clear, that the HTTPS-Connection cannot be established via TLS because of incompatibility.

Please update https code in Sogo connector and it should work.


2014-05-28 07:51

administrator   ~0007137

Try the latest extension for TB24 available from:

That code is no longer used.


2014-06-20 13:27

reporter   ~0007226

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Hello Ludovic,

thanks. Updated to nightly build, error message is gone now.

Sogo tells now: "SOGO: iCloud No changes" :-)

Adressbook keeps empty.

Other hint - If you look into "Configuration.plist" of Apple Adressbook you find following URL:

If you copy this URL to the config dialog, Sogo adds an slash "/" to the end instead of using the VCF itself. It looks like:

No success, too. :-(

TB 24.6.0
Sogo 24.0.5 (nightly sogo-connector-24.0.5-f0b78a52c2.xpi)

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2014-06-23 05:35

developer   ~0007228

Connector expects an address book URL to synchronize with.
is NOT the URL of an address book!
This is the URL of one address card.

Address books in CardDAV are always directories, so adding a / after it is common.


2015-03-14 11:12

reporter   ~0008273


TB 31.0.5
Sogo Connector 31.0.1

Follwing URL:
(X= Server-No. and XXXXXXXXX=nummereous Apple-ID)

Sogo tells now: "SOGO: iCloud No changes" and the Adressbook keeps empty.


2015-12-02 12:43

reporter   ~0009183

I have the same trouble.

I've tried nex URLs:

All of the produce error in ThunderrBird console:
Address book synchronzation could not contact server


2018-03-16 15:34

administrator   ~0012769

Many fixes pushed recently - try a nightly build:

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