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0002570SOGo Connectorwith external serverpublic2014-01-04 10:092016-07-22 15:37
Assigned Toludovic 
Platformx86_64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version31.0.4 
Summary0002570: Multiple emails not synchronized
DescriptionMultiple email entries are not synced... Only one address is synchronized in the Thunderbird contact list.

We are using Zimbra as our CalDAV/CardDAV server.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install Thunderbird ESR 24.2.0
2) Install Sogo Connector 24.0.2
3) Configure IMAPS, CardDAV, CardDAV server entries


Contacts with multiple email entries only show one email in Thunderbird contacts.
TagsCardDAV, sync
Attached Filespatch file icon 0001-Handle-email-addresses-without-tags-HOME-or-WORK-whe.patch [^] (2,489 bytes) 2016-02-01 10:19 [Show Content]
patch file icon 0002-Write-email-addresses-with-tag-INTERNET-when-uploadi.patch [^] (1,388 bytes) 2016-02-01 10:19 [Show Content]
jpg file icon cats.jpg [^] (238,817 bytes) 2016-04-14 17:06

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has duplicate 0002897new SoGo Connector doesn't sync email addresses that are marked as "preferred" in Owncloud 

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IT (reporter)
2014-01-26 07:54

I confirm this issue with
* Thunderbird 24.2.0 (32bit version on 64bit Win7)
* Sogo Connector 24.0.2
* OwnCloud 6.0.0a CardDAV

vcard-file on server contains the following entries:

Only the last EMAIL entry gets synced to the thunderbird address book. The first (preferred!) entry is omitted.

(Wrong) result in tb address book after syncing with sogo:
Additional Email: <blank>

(Expected) result in tb address book after importing vcard-file manually:
Additional Email:

Please feel free to ask if you need any further information.
alogb (reporter)
2014-03-25 06:22
edited on: 2014-03-25 06:23

I confirm this issue and the desccription/example given by IT with
* Thunderbird 24.4.0 (32bit version on Win 7 x64)
* Sogo Connector 24.0.4
* Owncloud 6.0.2 CardDAV

Synchronization does work between Owncloud, Android and eMClient

ivo (reporter)
2014-05-20 08:49

I use Zentyal/Zarafa + SabreDav for CardDav. If a contact in Zarafa has more than one email address, then only the last one is mapped into the first email address in Thunderbird. But the disaster comes after any change in the contact in TB and a consequent sync to Zarafa. At that moment only one email address in TB is copied to Zarafa and the other ones are deleted. So, the final state of the cycle is, that all emails except the former last one are deleted. And that's makes SoGo connector unusable even if otherwise very good application.
I have checked this in XML carddav files and SabreDav really exports all emails and SoGo returns only first email item as well (e.g. in case of the others were added in TB).
When corrected, please don't forget situation, when in Zarafa (or other server) are three or more email addresses and in TB only 2 could be imported. So, there has to be somehow managed, that third and next emails must not be deleted from server even, if they are not visible in TB.
sogo-bts (reporter)
2014-07-12 13:40

I use version Davdroid 0.5.11, Thunderbird 24.6.0 and SOGo connector 24.0.5 on Linux, and Baikal 0.2.7.
When everything is synchronized, most of my email addresses are found as 'alternative addresses' in thunderbird, and therefore cannot be used with the message composition window, except to write them one by one.
I'm not sure this is a bug in Sogo...
When a contact has 3 mail addresses recorded on my phone, for example, and I edit it in Sogo, when I then sync : 1 of the addresses out of the 3 is lost.
nfilus (reporter)
2014-07-28 06:11

I just analyzed the same issue in my (corporate) environment using
TB 31.0 with SoGo Connector 24.0.5 and sabre-zarafa 0.21 ( [^]):

Sabre-zarafa generates vcards with multiple addresses like this:

FN:Joe user
EMAIL;PREF=1;X-CN="^'Joe User^'"
EMAIL;PREF=2;X-CN="^'Joe User^'"
EMAIL;PREF=3;X-CN="^'Joe User^'":joe_user

Only the last e-mail is available in TB.

Can this format be supported by SoGo or do I need to open a ticket for sabre-zarafa?

Best regards
jurgenhaas (reporter)
2014-08-01 08:10

Same issue with these components:
* Ubuntu 14.04
* Thunderbird 31
* Lightning 3.3
* SOGo Connector 24.0.5
* OwnCloud 7

Only the last email address is available in Thunderbird, all others are just missing.
emc2 (reporter)
2014-08-13 05:01

Same issue here with:

Windows 7 64 bit
Thunderbird 31 (was the same with 24)
SOGO Connector 24.0.6
OwnCloud 7 (on Win7 64bit)

Thats a very bad bug... makes SOGO unusable, because the first email address is normally the most important...
Pander (reporter)
2014-09-17 12:48

Perhaps run [^] before syncing as a workaround. Nevertheless, loss of data is not acceptable indeed.
jammon88 (reporter)
2014-12-20 08:12

Same issue here with:

Windows 8 64 bit
Thunderbird 31
SOGO Connector 31.0.0
OwnCloud 7.0.4

When can you fix that? What's exactly the problem?

Best regards
tenbob (reporter)
2015-01-21 08:35

This confirmed bug is nearly a year old with no sign of any fix or even an acknowledgement from the devs.

It has the potential to permanently corrupt your data. If you sync from the server to Thunderbird it only copies one of several email addresses that are stored. If you then sync back the other way, the server thinks the extra addresses should be deleted.

The Thunderbird connector is just about unusable until this is fixed.
fekepp (reporter)
2015-06-23 11:22

I tested a bit

ownCloud: 8.0.4
Inverse SOGo Connector: 31.0.1
Akonadi Server: 1.13.0

Posted the results at: [^]
Georg (reporter)
2015-06-29 13:47

Same with me:
I had lost email adresses of my contacts after syncing via Sogo Connector!!

Thunderbird 38 with Lightning
Inverse SOGo Connector: 31.0.1
ownCloud: 8.0.4
Matte (reporter)
2015-09-01 09:17

I just discovered the right syntax to have two mail addresses:


After syncing with sogo I have:
Additional Email:

I replaced all "EMAIL:", "EMAIL;TYPE=PREF:" instances in the original vcf file (just a couple of seconds with vim search and replace). Now everything seems to work correctly.

My setup:
TB 31.8.0 (Icedove on Debian jessie)
Inverse SOGo Connector 31.0.1
Radicale 0.9-1
Napkin (reporter)
2016-02-01 10:18

Email addresses in Zimbra (8.6.0p4) do not have those tags. Multiple addresses of a contact create this carddav output:


In SOGo Connector's current state only the last email is saved in Thunderbird's "PrimaryEmail". Unfortunately for us, the first email address is the main address, while the others are just aliases.

I modified the code to put the first address of type=internet into PrimaryEmail and the second address into SecondaryEmail (Patch 0001-Handle-email...).

Additionally, it'll upload both addresses from thunderbird to the carddav server with type=internet (Patch 0002-Write-email...).

Works fine with Zimbra - probably not a good idea for people whose carddav server can handle type=HOME and type=WORK.

nicolatiana (reporter)
2016-04-14 17:10
edited on: 2016-04-14 17:11

Thunderbird 38.6 + Lightning + Sogo Connector 31.2 on Xubuntu 12.04.
Sogo 2.3.10-1.el5 on Sme Server 8.2 (Centos 5.x)
The secondary e-mail is not written in Sogo server so not synced over the network.
I see some patches attached: I'm note a code developer but I can try to work inside the xpi (connector ?). Which is/are the files to be touched ?

User avatar (0010529)
ludovic (administrator)
2016-07-22 15:37

Added first patch: [^]

Won't add the 2nd one as SOGo supports home/work address types.

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