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0004305SOGo ConnectorGUIpublic2017-10-05 04:172018-03-22 06:17
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
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Summary0004305: [SOGo-connector] Setting addressbook as read-only in Thunderbird prevents sync
DescriptionWe defined a shared addressbook from LDAP accounts in our infrastructure. We wanted to add it as read-only in Thunderbird to prevent misuse, but when adding an addressbook in read-only using SOGo-connector, nothing gets synchronized.

In read-write mode, Thunderbird tries to sync modifications to existing contacts which generates 501 errors, and adding new contacts generates a 404.
Steps To Reproduce* Create accounts in your LDAP
* Install version of SOGo and configure it with LDAP addressbook
* Install sogo-connector-31.0.5 on thunderbird
* Setup the addressbook sync in thunderbird and check read-only mode
* Nothing gets synchronized
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Christian Mack (developer)
2017-10-09 04:16

The read-only flag is only meant for the global addressbook of SOGo.
The global addressbook per default is set in search only mode, therefore no sync available.
If you want to sync the whole global addressbook, you have to set
in sogo.conf
Kyoshiro-san (reporter)
2018-01-02 07:14

Hi Christian,

Sorry for the delay in my reply.

We don't really require updates to be uploaded to the LDAP server, but the problem is that the fact people can change entries in Thunderbird is getting them confused on why it hasn't been propagated to other users.

Would it be possible for the SOGo extension to work properly with Read-only flag active when creating a new addressbook ? Or any other way for people to understand that entries from the global / shared addressbook cannot be changed ?

I wish you a very happy new year !
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ludovic (administrator)
2018-03-14 16:37

Read-only mode is meant to be tied with ACL in SOGo and thus, requires the SOGo Integrator extension.
Kyoshiro-san (reporter)
2018-03-22 06:17

I'm not sure I made myself clear, or there is something I don't understand here.

I'm referring to the read-only checkbox that appear in Thunderbird when you setup a new remote addressbook. This read-only mode cannot be related to SOGo only, am I right ?

What I'm saying is, when a user checks that box in Thunderbird, it seems SOGo extension is unable to sync at all. It's confusing for non-power users, as we tell them that the global addressbook provided by SOGo is read-only, but when they add it and check that box, they don't have a working addressbook.

Kind regards.

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