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0004698SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2019-03-05 04:282019-07-09 17:40
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Product Version4.0.7 
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Summary0004698: Not able to set a single-day vacation message
DescriptionThere's no way to set a single-day vacation message because "end date" must be > "start date".

Suppose you'll be out of office on 2019-04-15, so want to set an autoreply for that single day only (2019-04-15 00:00 --> 2019-04-15 23:59).

In the web interface, once you set 2019-04-15 as "start date", you're not allowed to set the same date as "end date", so you can only insert 2019-04-16.

Once you save the message, this is the generated .sieve script:
require ["imap4flags","fileinto","vacation","date","relational"];
if allof (header :contains "subject" "test") {
    addflag "\\Seen";
    fileinto "INBOX.Test";
if allof ( currentdate :value "ge" "date" "2019-04-15", currentdate :value "le" "date" "2019-04-16" ) { vacation :days 1 :subject "Out of office" :addresses [""] text:
test message

As you can see this vacation is active for 2 full days, 15 and 16 of April.

I think that web interface should only check "end date" >= "start date".
Additionally I'll change "start date" and "end date" field labels to explicitly state that the selected day is included in range, like:

- "Enable auto reply on (included)"
- "Disable auto reply on (included)"
Steps To Reproduce- Need to create a vacation message for 2019-04-15 day only
- Set 2019-04-15 as start date
- Set 2019-04-16 as end date (no way to set an earlier date like 2019-04-15)
- Sieve script is generated with this date range check:
  currentdate :value "ge" "date" "2019-04-15",
  currentdate :value "le" "date" "2019-04-16"

The date range includes two full days (15 and 16 of April) instead of a single one.
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nicorac (reporter)
2019-03-20 03:51

Is there anything missing in my report?
Should I add further info to it?
nicorac (reporter)
2019-07-09 17:40

More than 4 months and not a single reply.

I've done my best to investigate the issue and propose a fix... but nothing, this bug is still unassigned :(

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