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0004957SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2020-09-30 16:09
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9
Product Version4.1.0 
Summary0004957: Not every domain are is listed during search with SOGoDomainsVisibility

we have Sogo 4.1.0 with a MariaDB database. Database are located on another VM.
When we search for a user belonging to one of the domains included in the SOGoDomainsVisibility array, not every users is listed. After carrying out some tests, we realized that in general, users belonging to domains that are in an odd position are never listed.

I.e. SOGoDomainsVisibility = ((,,,; - In this case, only domain users belonging to domain and are listed.

Looking in sogo.log we find this query:

2020-02-13 09:56:55.385 sogod[7513:7513] <MySQL4Channel[0x0x560583e5c500] connection=0x0x560584f3eb38> SQL: SELECT * FROM sogo_view WHERE (LOWER(c_cn) LIKE '%example%' OR LOWER(mail) LIKE '%example%') AND ((domain = '') OR (domain = '') );
That domains are not even in the myql query....

Do you know sometyhing about this bug?


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2020-03-05 21:47

reporter   ~0014198

Same here.
SOGoDomainsVisibility on SQL interface really needs to be overlooked.
I never got it running, first tried over a year ago, maybe two.

if i go for
SOGoDomainsVisibility = ((,;
alpha can see beta but not vice versa
wich would be fine, since it'd be more control, but if i add multiple definitions like
SOGoDomainsVisibility = ((,,(,;
none of them work

yeah and as in the example above, i never got more than two domains connected.

PS: really cool would be to configure the visibility of a domain for other domains on domain level via sql.

btw: right now, instead of (domain1 OR domain2) i would probably go for IN(domain1, domain2, domain3)

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