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0005203SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2020-11-18 03:44
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Product Version5.0.1 
Summary0005203: macOS 11 (Big Sur) contacts app ignores default address book

macOS 11 (Big Sur) contacts app ignores default address book "Persönliches Addressbuch". Renamed to "private" (= without Umlauts) also doesn't work.

A secondary manually created address book in SOGo's webinterface will be synced by macOS 11 (Big Sur) contacts app.

Steps To Reproduce

Connect macOS 11 (Big Sur) contacts app to SOGo address book with CardDAV

Additional Information

Happens at least with the latest 5 Beta versions of macOS 11 (Big Sur). Even 11.0.1 (still Beta) doesn't work. Processor architecture of SOGo server doesn't matter, problem exists on amd64 and aarch64.

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2020-11-02 11:30

reporter   ~0014915

I am experiencing this as well. I posted to the Users list in August.

Here is what I found:

I turned on these debug flags: GCSFolderDebugEnabled

Deleted the account from two machines (Big Sur and Catalina) and re-added them while watching the logs.

Parsing these logs is difficult for me because I have other machines hitting this server and the IP address is not logged on every line, so there appears to be some logging that interleaves messages from multiple sessions.

That said, what it looks like to me is that the Big Sur machine may not be properly passing credentials?

When I created the account on the Big Sur machine, I see a PROPFIND on the account, and then a traverse miss blamed on SoAuthRequiredException. Subsequent requests only ask for Contacts/global_addressbook.

On the Catalina machine when I recreate the account, the PROPFIND on the account and traverse doesn’t generate a miss error, and subsequent requests ask for Contacts/global_addressbook and Contacts/personal.


I have logged this via the Big Sur Feedback Assistant to Apple, but they closed it with "Resolution: Investigation complete - Unable to diagnose with current information."



2020-11-13 09:48

reporter   ~0014940

Same issue, Server 4.3.2



2020-11-16 09:01

reporter   ~0014947

same problem here :-(



2020-11-17 01:17

reporter   ~0014948

Because Big Sur is now released, it becomes a big issue. How can I edit my entry?



2020-11-17 03:38

reporter   ~0014949

I'm afraid, there is no way to edit the access string.
Access works fine on IOS 14.2 but not on 11.0.1.
This issue needs to be fixed by Apple (it was the only thing that changed)



2020-11-17 11:51

reporter   ~0014954

Because Apple has closed my ticket with "Resolution: Investigation complete - Unable to diagnose with current information." it leads me to believe that my logs were not detailed enough, and that there were not enough similar reports that they allocated any engineering time to fix it. I imagine the cross section of macOS users who connect to the CardDAV feed of a SOGo instance, and who also trialed the beta of Big Sur is a fairly small number.

Are there any SOGo devs who use MacOS devices and are also members of the Apple Developer Program, who might be able to log a bug with Apple and provide better logging info? Anyone else on this thread who can, please use the Feedback Assistant to file a ticket with Apple.

As the admin of a SOGo instance and the support person for many Apple devices within my small business, this puts me in a difficult position. My users can't update to the new OS, and I can't figure out a way to make Apple care that their application is broken.



2020-11-17 12:52

reporter   ~0014955

This issue needs to be fixed by Apple (it was the only thing that changed)

Yes, it looks like. But it depends. Need to be checked if the cause of this problem is related to the CardDAV RFC and if the RFC says 'may' or 'must'.



2020-11-18 03:44

reporter   ~0014958

I have filed a bug report with Apple yesterday (3 attempts because the logs were big).
Apple required their own system information and sysdiagnostic logs.

Not sure if that is sufficient

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